When Tumblr Fangirls Get Arrested

By Betty Zhang

Cop: 'You're under arrest. Anything you say can and will be used against you-' Fangirl: *interrupts* 'Benedict Cumberbatch! Tom Hiddleston!' *shouts names of other Tumblr Men while sobbing excitedly*

  • Benedict Cumberbatch

    I'm afraid we've no otter choice - he's the world's only Consulting Detective. 

  • Martin Freeman

    BEWARE OF HEDGEHOG (it might give you the bird) 

  • Andrew Scott

    Yes, we did miss you. 

  • Tom Hiddleston

    Being bad has never looked so damn good. 

  • Chris Hemsworth

    Nice hammer! #TakeUsDownUnderWithIt

  • Chris Evans

    Good heavens.

  • Chris Pine

    We like your ship. Free ride?

  • Chris Pratt

    Show us the galaxy. 

  • Matt Smith

    The reason why fangirls don't eat an apple a day. 

  • David Tennant

    Take us 'back'...

  • James McAvoy

    No more library scenes, please. 

  • Michael Fassbender

    Let's go me(n)tal for Fassy. 

  • Sebastian Stan

    Soldier on, ladies.

  • Robert Downey Jr

    The man. The legend. 

  • Nathan Fillion

    Thanks for nominating Loki for the Ice Bucket Challenge, Mr Castle. Let's talk repayment options. 

  • Misha Collins

    Does 'icy bathtub' ring any (heavenly) bells, mister? 

  • Jensen Ackles

    Nice camera, hot shot. #PicturingUsTogether #ThroughFangirlLens

  • Jared Padalecki

    Moose-t desirable hunter of evil. 

  • Matt Bomer

    Mr Brunette Bombshell. #CallUsMaybe  

  • Henry Cavill

    Most heroic deed: doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in his Superman suit. 

  • Andrew Garfield

    Of course Spiderman's popular on the web(site)! 

  • Orlando Bloom

    Flowers bloom in his wake. 

  • David Beckham

    Most Attractive Dad of Every Year. 

  • Alex Turner

    The leather-clad, hip-gyrating indie dream. 

  • One Direction

     'Hi, we are One Direction!'