Snog Marry Avoid: Glamour's Best Dressed Men

By Betty Zhang

I decide whether to snog, marry or avoid Glamour magazine's 2014 Ten Best Dressed Men. I know, I've no chance with any of them. But a girl can dream. And dream she will!

  • 1. Tom Hiddleston

    MARRY. We're already married - he just doesn't know. And we have a song: ['Enchanted' by Taylor Swift]( Our love is so epic that it's almost unreal. Almost. 

  • 2. Robert Pattinson

    AVOID. I used to be a massive, MASSIVE Twihard circa 2004-09. It was an intense, obsessive phase. I was 'unconditionally and irrevocably in love' with Edward Cullen and therefore R-Patz. Not anymore.

  • 3. David Beckham

    MARRY. Sweet, loving, caring and humble. Not to mention drop-dead gorgeous, sexy, stylish, handsome and hot! Best dad and husband ever.  

  • 4. Benedict Cumberbatch

    MARRY. And snog 'til the end of time. NEVER avoid, EVER. MARRY MEEEEE!!!! Let me snuggle up to you while you read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories to me in your deep, seductive voice.

  • 5. Henry Cavill

    SNOG. Nice bone structure and jawline! Very Christian Grey, though I've never read the books. He looks tall and strong. Almost too perfectly proportioned and built. Is he some sorta superhuman?

  • 6. Tinie Tempah

    SNOG. He looks like a very intelligent, smart, sensitive and well-dressed fella. Snog it is! 

  • 7. Zac Efron

    AVOID. Just no. Not my kinda guy, not my kinda vibe. No to everything with him. Sorry man. 

  • 8. Ryan Gosling

    AVOID. Run like The Flash. Faster than The Flash. I'm so sorry. I've never EVER found this 'sexy lady's man' attractive whatsoever. It's a matter of personal taste. #HeLooksLikeAGooseToMe #SORRY

  • 9. Eddie Redmayne

    SNOG. What a cute lad! I really liked his role in Les Miserables. And he's playing Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything! (Fun fact: Hawking was also played by Benedict Cumberbatch, in Hawking.)

  • 10. Bradley Cooper

    AVOID. Sorry, not my type. No hard feelings bro!