Social Media Summed Up! #SocialMediaInOneSentence

By Betty Zhang

Your favourite social media, boiled down to one saucy sentence. #OMG #so true

  • Facebook

    I just added 50 photos of me and my hubby's trip to the mall, we're SOOOO in luurrrrv (I love my honey babe munchkin kiss kiss) and also my 18-months-old little love-love pooped thrice today yayyy!!

  • Twitter

    Omg I just came up with something really funny and witty about this show that's on air right now and I can express it in 140 characters or less - some big account better see it and RT!!! #NameOfShow

  • Tumblr

    #asdfghjkl #i can't deal with this fandom anymore #i hate this site #what is wrong with us #srsly #UGHH I JUST CAN'T #i am deaded  #kill me 

  • Instagram

    Admire how good my perfectly shaped, perfectly orange orange looks on my faded turquoise timber table top, ADMIRE IT! 

  • Vine

    Here's me riding my 4-year-old neice's pink go-cart while Chamillionaire's overused yet infallible Ridin' plays in the background. 

  • Flickr

    Please flick through my stunning digital photography archive, containing photos I love but will never (like, ever) be bothered to print out and assemble into a physical album.

  • Pinterest

    Super high quality pics & infographics everywhere OMG this is so overwhelming OMG OMG GOODBYE FOREVER GOOGLE IMAGES, my old friend (thou art inferior; fare thee well)!

  • Google+

    Let's discuss our common interests, fellow intelligent human beings of my circle of approval!

  • Snapchat

    Oooh she looks so hot in her dp man, I'm gonna ask for her nudes and screenshot it - it'll come in handy later (or right now, if I can't wait)!! 

  • Kik

    Got nudes?