Peruvian Restaurants Around the World

By Joanna Riquett

I love Peruvian food and everywhere I go, I try to go to Peruvian/Latinamerican restaurants. It's never the same, but the essence is there!

  • Chicha - Vancouver

    This place is nice and cute, but it has peruvian INFLUENCE, not really peruvian This place is nice and cute, but it has a peruvian INFLUENCE

  • Chicha: The taste of Peru - Hong Kong

    Hong Kong. The food is good, but not entirely peruvian. Specially NOT the aguadito, which is not a soup in this place. Hip and trendy.

  • Osaka - Buenos Aires

    Among the expensive choices in Buenos Aires, but really good food.

  • Picca - Los Angeles

    Nice environment and good food.

  • Tanta - Lima

    The one and original. The food is really good and very local flavorful.

  • Perú Deli - Buenos Aires

    Just call to order. The food is good, but the place is kinda sketchy.

  • La Cevicherí­a - Cartagena

    This place is SO good. SO good.

  • La Mar Cebichería - Bogotá

    Very tasty!