A taste of Cartagena

By Joanna Riquett

  • La Cocina de Socorro

    Perfect place for trying typical Colombian food and very picturesque too.

  • Juan del Mar

    Excellent seafood, live music, nice environment, hot owner and a spontaneous party could easily happen here. Great place.

  • Restaurante Club de Pesca

    Very nice romantic place on the old wall overlooking the city and the water. A bit pricy, but good food and good environment.

  • Plaza de Armas

    This is a nice plaza to eat, right in front of the Naval Museum.

  • Quebracho Parrilla Argentina

    If you fancy a good steak, this is the place.

  • Restaurant Cafe San Pedro

    Great restaurant right in from of Iglesia San Pedro Claver.

  • La Cevichería

    Lovely little place to try the best seafood with Peruvian influence.

  • Restaurante Donjuán Cartagena

    Relatively new, great food, not typical Colombian, but mediterranean with a twist.

  • BOHEMIA cocina en evolución

    Upscale mediterranean food.