Buenos Aires Restaurants To Love

By Joanna Riquett

Eat like an expat and enjoy the best of BA!

  • Las Pizarras


    Small little restaurant in the heart of Palermo. Ideal for dates or dinner with friends. Fresh food from the day.

  • Don Julio


    There are thousands of Parrillas in Buenos Aires, but this one is cute and awesome. Not as crowed as other and the food is excellent.

  • A Nos Amours


    Corner french restaurant with the menu written in a chalkboard and very tasty!

  • Ña Serapia


    Northern argentinian food. Small, cheesy, but really tasty!

  • Sarkis

    The best Armenian food in the city. No, really. Make sure to make a reservation before going, it's always crowded.

  • Elcano Grill

    To get out of the Palermo circuit. Side dishes are the best.

  • Il Ballo Del Mattone - Palermo Hollywood.

    Fun place for tasty italian food. Very picturesque.

  • Siamo nel Forno

    Pizza, pizza, pizza!

  • Sudestada

    Asian food with a twist. Good place for dates too!

  • Kansas Palermo

    This is the place for happy hour and people watching. The food is average.

  • Xalapa

    Mexican food in BA sometimes is good. This is one of those places.

  • Magdalena's Party


    Great place for a "previa" and to hangout with friends. Some nights the crowd is too young and too drunk.

  • Oui Oui

    Great brunch but sometimes it takes too long to get a seat and the service is depressing.

  • La Cabrera


    If you decide to go here, definitely make a reservation first, otherwise don't even bother. It's a regular parrilla with a fun environment.

  • Cabaña Las Lilas

    SO expensive, but the service and the appetizers and side dishes, really good. If you are going, get ready for a good use of the credit card



    Mexican food, but this place is F.U.N!

  • Lupita

    Go for drinks with friends and try the Margaritas, the food is just ok.

  • Campo Bravo


    Traditional restaurant in Buenos Aires. The food is average but above so many others. Parrilla.

  • La Caballeriza Las Cañitas


    Good steak and cozy environment

  • BBQ Town

    This place is fun!! make sure not to eat lunch that day and go with a group of more than 2/3. You'll eat like a beast.

  • Tegui

    Another in the line of expensive ones, but so worth it.

  • Á Manger

    Delicatessen with the best sandwiches ever.