Tokyo Restaurants

By Joanna Riquett

It's hard to go wrong in Tokyo. Every little restaurant offers excellent food, but these restaurants were our favorites above all. Excellent food and service, and almost never English menus ;-)

  • New York Grill - Park Hyatt Tokyo


    When you go shopping around Omotesando, stop by this restaurant and have a crepe, dessert, tea or coffee. Very cute cafe with well dressed people and good location.

  • Funabashiya

    Such a great tempura restaurant. No english menu and waiters hardly speak any english but no matter what you other, it's going to be AWESOME!


    We had fresh Sashimi and Sake to continue with our day. Great service and very very fresh food.

  • Esaki

    Three Michelin star restaurant categorized as Modern Japanese. The food is great and the experience definitely worth talking about.