Fandom World Cup

By Betty Zhang

Which fandoms would compete (virtually, of course) in the INTERNETional Fandom World Cup? Find out here!

  • Smilers

    Who: fans of Miley Cyrus; Special Attack: synchronised twerking

  • Little Monsters

    Who: fans of Lady Gaga; Special Attack: flinging raw meat from their dresses at the opponent

  • BeyHive

    Who: fans of Beyonce; Special Attack: releasing something without any warning or prior notification

  • Swifties

    Who: fans of Taylor Swift; Special Attack: singing about the opponent's past misbehaviour

  • Katycats

    Who: fans of Katy Perry; Special Attack: threatening to ruin the opponent's outfit with their cupcake bras

  • Coldplayers

    Who: fans of Coldplay; Special Attack: playing it cool

  • Sheerios

    Who: fans of Ed Sheeran; Special Attack: rendering everything orange

  • Directioners

    Who: fans of One Direction; Special Attack: screaming

  • Beliebers

    Who: fans of Justin Bieber; Special Attack: screaming

  • Pine Nuts

    Who: fans of Chris Pine; Special Attack: being nuts about and pining for Chris

  • Hiddlestoners

    Who: fans of Tom Hiddleston; Special Attack: scaring the opponent away by being emotionally unstable, raving and crying about how perfect (and unattainable) he is

  • Cumberbitches

    Who: fans of Benedict Cumberbatch; Special Attack: photobombing the opponent

  • Pokemaniacs

    Who: fans of Pokemon; Special Attack: depends on the Pokemon chosen

  • Assemblers

    Who: fans of The Avengers; Special Attack: distracting the opponent with the cast's good looks

  • Tributes

    Who: fans of The Hunger Games; Special Attack: Jennifer Lawrence hurling her Oscar at the opponent

  • Tolkienites

    Who: fans of The Lord of the Rings; Special Attack: releasing Golem

  • Potterheads

    Who: fans of Harry Potter; Special Attack: STUPEFY!!

  • Twihards

    Who: fans of Twilight; Special Attack: sparkling under the sun and blinding the opponent

  • Narnians

    Who: fans of The Chronicles of Narnia; Special Attack: locking opponent inside wardrobe

  • Whovians

    Who: yes, fans of Doctor Who; Special Attack: TARDIS landing on top of the opponent a la Wizard of Oz

  • Sherlockians

    Who: fans of Sherlock; Special Attack: outwitting the opponent

  • Trekkies

    Who: fans of Star Trek; Special Attack: hurling figurines at the opponent

  • Gleeks

    Who: fans of Glee; Special Attack: singing nonstop until the opponent runs away

  • Loki's Army

    Who: fans of Loki; Special Attack: tricking the opponent

  • Demigods

    Who: fans of Percy Jackson; Special Attack: drowning the opponent

  • Fannibals

    Who: fans of Hannibal; Special Attack: eating the opponent