Want to help out the community? Volunteer!

By Alex Keobke

Here are some popular volunteer options in Vancouver :)

  • Hearts on Noses! Wear your heart on your sleeve :)


    A fantastic pig sanctuary that is always looking for more assistance :) Run with great love and 100% off donations and volunteer support!

  • Who doesn't love the Aquarium?


    There is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for those passionate about the aquarium. Ranging from diving to guest services, the aquarium is helped run by a vital volunteer force.

  • Vancouver Food Bank, can't beet it!


    Helping over 9,000 people a week the food bank is always willing for enthusiastic volunteers.

  • PLEA, helping to give the support people need


    "We believe, given the right support, every person can grow and thrive". I've been part of their KidStart mentoring for over a year and it's an incredibly rewarding experience.

  • Vancouver Park Board, embrace your love of green!


    Isn't anything wrong with helping out everyone's Mother..Mother Earth (badum tsch). The VPB does a great job employing people of all ages with suitable tasks to help give back to communities.

  • Be a cop!


    Okay not exactly, but you can still volunteer for the VPD! You may do speed patrol, street patrol or even work in one of 9 community policing centers.

  • Lets have FUN!


    Fun of course meaning," Friends Uniting for Nature" (FUN) society. Who doesn't want to spread positive messages of a green planet to a younger generation? 

  • Check out your local university!

    Especially if you're a student! Most univerisity/colleges offer some great volunteer experiences. Get engaged with your school! 

  • Literacy Volunteer! Help make reading cool


    The " [Books for Me! Literacy Foundation](http://www.booksformevancouver.org/)" is currently looking for literacy volunteers, essentially enthusiastic people who want to help young kids pick out books!