5 Worst Wedding Guests

By Betty Zhang

These (fictional) men will unintentionally - and spectacularly - ruin your big day. 

  • Captain Jack Sparrow

    He's clearly already intoxicated and just there for the rum and all the stuff he can nick from unsuspecting, drunk guests.  

  • Tony Stark

    He may not get the memo about this being you and your partner's day to shine. 

  • Harry Potter

    If you want to be the centre of attention on your big day, don't invite The Boy Who Lived. Or Ron Weasley - his (Mrs Weasley's) choice of attire cannot be trusted. 

  • Sherlock Holmes

    He will unintentionally offend every man, woman and child with his deductions...while looking insufferably adorable. And his speech (if he's your best man and you're his BFF) will steal the show. 

  • Dr Sheldon Cooper

    Fun suggestion: make sure Dr Cooper sits next to Mr Holmes and see what happens! #YOLO