My Vancouver picks - List in progress

By Joanna Riquett

In a foodie city, options everywhere.

  • Mamie Taylor's

  • Calabash Bistro

    A delish restaurant with caribbean food. Totally love it.

  • Pourhouse Restaurant

  • Miku

    Fresh and good seafood, but oh so expensive.

  • La Casita Gastown

    Cheap and good Mexican, more to lunch than to dine.

  • Chicha Restaurant

    The food is really good, but not very peruvian.

  • La Taquería

    Taco kings

  • Chambar

    Good ambiance and really good food. And the mussels!

  • Medina Cafe

    The waffles with the white chocolate pistacho sauce are to die for.

  • Cuchillo

    Not only the food is awesome, the ambiance is so good. Super recommended.

  • Six Acres

    OMG the poutine!!

  • Pidgin

    Great spot in general. Although some pidgin sculptures are kinda creepy.

  • L'Abbatoir

    Oh, the steak Diane...

  • The Acorn