Our Favourite Ways to Stay Cozy This Winter

By BrazenWoman

From Cashmere to reclaimed fur and from head-to-toe, here are some of our favourite cozy things to wear this winter.

  • Simple Smiles & Co Knitwear

    This isn't your granny's knitting. [Handcrafted in Toronto,](http://www.simplesmiles.ca/) these wool & alpaca accessories bring new meaning to toque.Get the multitasking cowl (is it a hat? Is it a hood? Is it a scarf?) 

  • Eclipse Cardigan

    We've never owned a cardigan as cozy, versatile, and well-priced ($39.99) as this one from Eclipse. Buy in-store in Eastern Canada, or order online. You'll wear this one A LOT. 

  • Lord & Taylor Cashmere

    There's nothing like cashmere to make you feel gloriously decadent, no matter what the weather. Wrap yourself in one of these iconic Lord & Taylor Cashmere pieces, s[old exclusively at Hudson's Bay. ](http://www.thebay.com/)

  • Headmistress

    Stay warm with these handcrafted creations from [Headmistress designer Jillian Wood.](http://www.loveheadmistress.com/) These cozy fur accessories are made with vintage reclaimed fur and will give you a touch of soft, cozy elegance.

  • Glerups

    [Glerups Indoor Shoes](http://www.quiet.ly/list/www.glerups.ca/): 100% wool that is cute, cozy, and Canadian. Because, when your toes are toasty so is the rest of you.