11 Surprising Facts About EXO’s Cutie Xiumin

By Koreaboo

Xiumin of EXO-M is the cutie who's loved for his bright personality and charisma... but did you know he’s an alleged OCD clean freak, or that he’s envious of Tao’s perfect butt??

  • 1

     Xiumin is a martial artist! He’s proficient in Kendo, Wushu, Taekwondo, and Fencing. EXO members all agree that he’s the strongest.

  • 2

    He’s nicknames “Baozi” by fans, which means golden bun because of his plump cheeks ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 3

    Xiumin is the most neat and tidy member of EXO, he extremely hates messes.

  • 4

    His favorite food is home-cooked steamed buns, kimchi soup and miso soup prepared by his parents.

  • 5

    He says that when he shared a room with Tao, he couldn’t keep from staring at Tao’s butt. He was envious of it.

  • 6

    He has a strong love for pumpkins, and apparently is a master at cooking spaghetti. He says the most difficult thing for him to do, is dieting.

  • 7

    Xiumin is always the first member to wake up in the morning. He tidies his bed, then wakes up the other members.

  • 8

    Xiumin is a jokester, and loves to play pranks on his members.

  • 9

    Xiumin is a hardcore soccer fan, one day he wishes to travel to the UK to watch a soccer match.

  • 10

    Why is he declared the strongest? All the members had a competition where they wrung out a wet towel. When it came to his turn he was the one who got the most water out.

  • 11

    Xiumin is a trained barista! He knows how to make fancy coffee that would impress any date. His new dream is to open his own coffee shop.

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    Xiumin's delectable coffee