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Using content to guide consumers through the path-to-purchase
With a need to drive qualified traffic in an increasingly crowded market, the world’s most prestigious real estate brand turned to Quietly for help. Coupling data-driven, timely narratives with the art of luxury lifestyle editorial, Quietly created content engineered to deliver results from organic search. The work not only informed overall marketing efforts, but led to a 103% increase in net new visitors, and a 65%+ increase in pageviews year over year – increasing Sotheby’s share of voice on key topics, lowering their reliance on AdWords, and ultimately reducing their cost per lead through digital marketing.

Elaine Hung

Vice President, Marketing Sotheby's International Real Estate Canada
"Quietly’s professionalism, commitment to delivering high-quality work on-deadline, strong project/client management skills, and ability to get up-to-speed on our business, is impressive."

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