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Data and insight in action: See how these brands drive their brands with content
Using content to guide consumers through the path-to-purchase

With a need to drive qualified traffic in an increasingly crowded market, the world’s most prestigious real estate brand turned to Quietly for help.

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Humanizing Technical Topics

Okta is the leading independent provider of identity management solutions—but they face fierce competition from companies like Microsoft, RSA, and OneLogin.

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Driving growth in new markets

As the content partner to Canada's most trusted brand, we work with MEC to bring their mission online, engaging with audiences digitally to help them discover new ways of enjoying the outdoors.

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Taking over a category

HERB started as a small, crowdfunded operation looking to produce a book focused on edibles and cannabis-based cooking. Government regulations restrict traditional online advertising related to marijuana, so they needed content to raise awareness and build their profile online.

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Changing consumer perceptions

When consumers have a variety of seafood to choose from—salmon, shrimp, tuna—the lesser-known tilapia has to work harder to stand out.

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Engaging a global audience

Herschel is a leading lifestyle, travel, and apparel brand with global appeal. With that comes the challenge of creating content for discerning readers worldwide—stylish travelers who are curious about other cultures and passionate about discovering new destinations.

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Mobilizing current and future activists

(RED) is driven by an ambitious goal: to wipe out AIDS by 2030. The global charity was co-founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 and has since allied with several of the world’s most iconic brands.

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Creating a Clear Path to Purchase

As Canada’s largest domain registrar, Rebel competes with better-known incumbents like GoDaddy. As a result, they have to approach their campaigns more strategically...

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Driving traffic online and in-store

There are many reasons why Indochino ranks among the world’s top made-to-measure menswear brands, from their expert tailoring to their innovative online retail experience.

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Aligning people and process to win with content

As they geared up for their most ambitious corporate expansion strategy, Canada’s most trusted brand needed to ensure all content marketing efforts were aligned.

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Engaging qualified B2B leads

OfficeSpace Software is a highly effective facilities management tool that creates, records, tracks and administers everything in the office. From move, space, and request management to visual directories, actionable reporting, analytics and resource tracking...

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