10 Celebrity Names Made Edible

By Betty Zhang

Everyone deserves a name like Kevin Bacon's!

  • Cara DeLasagne

    Queen of the fatwalk in Milan Food Week.

  • EggsBenedict CucumberPumpkinPatch

    What a girl wants, what a girl needs. 

  • Leonardo DiCrabrio

    *Gets nominated for Best Actor for leading role in Seafood Boil*              *Doesn't win*                                                                          *Never wins*

  • Tom HiddleStoner

    Buys you special flours. 

  • Gwyneth Poultry

    From chic chick to actual chicken. 

  • David BakedHam

    Seasoned with posh spice. 

  • Jamie Olive Oil

    Add olive oil to EVERYTHING you cook. 

  • Tom Cruiser

    Fly high with Cruiser. 

  • Ashton Ketchup

    A saucier surname for Mila Kunis' hubby and Pikachu's owner. 

  • M&M

    Will the real Slim Candy please stand up, please stand up...