Daily Musings Of An Introverted Girl

By Betty Zhang

Expect stupid statements, overly passionate ramblings and the occasional epiphany, all of which I will regret sharing with you later...probably. Also features film/music/book/art reviews!

  • Elvis - 8/3/15

    I've always known who he was, yet I never listened to [his music](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNoGLVUJEa8&list=LLfcKcU9-fly-QM4mCOfxD5w&index=2)...till now. And boy do I like it! His voice has the richness of wine and the tenderness of the juiciest steak...#BRBSalivatingOnTheKing

  • Beauty and the Beast Cast Is Perfection - 7/3/15


    EMMA WATSON (Harry Potter) as Belle, DAN STEVENS (Downton Abbey) as Beast, LUKE EVANS (The Hobbit) as Gaston!! Emma Thompson and Timothy Spall (both were in Harry Potter) are rumoured to be in it too!

  • ***Personal Porn Preference*** ;) - 6/3/15

    My tumblr porn tags: #books #art #art supplies #vintage #retro #indie #lana del rey #marina and the diamonds #f scott fitzgerald #library #50s #60s #20s #arctic monkeys #bookshop #cafe #lit #cat 

  • Wartime Lovers - 4/3/15

    I'm a massive fan of fictional and real-life wartime romances. There's nothing beautiful about war; it's love and the way it empowers the human spirit (and our will to survive) that speaks to me. 

  • Letters Love Letters - 3/3/15

    I love writing and receiving letters and postcards. I know the handwritings of loved ones, so the instant I open a letter I see that person's face and feel an overwhelming sense of warmth and joy. :')

  • Remembering Floppy Disks - 2/3/15

    You know you're old(isn) when you've been taught how to use one during school. We learnt it in science. I think I saved a spreadsheet or something. Anyway, RIP floppy disks, you'll always be in my <3.

  • The Secret To Productivity - 1/3/15

    I wouldn't know.

  • Honestly, Colin Firth Could Be 225 Years - 28/2/15

    Old And I'd Still Tap That Thang. <-- This is the headline of my life. Goodbye and have a nice day. 

  • What Fresh Fandom Hell Is This?! - 27/2/15

    Farewell, friends. I became a Kingsman last night and am now off to report for duty in my posh tux, armed with super cool hi-tech weaponry. Final words: manners maketh man.




  • Here's Your Large Hot Milk, Enjoy! - 25/2/15

    I'm a long black drinker. No sugar, no milk, no hipster bullshit. Just coffee. So when people order 'large latte, 2 sugars' I hear 'pour me a cup of hot sweet milk' and side-eye Chloe them.

  • I Fucking Love McDonalds - 24/2/15

    I could eat it everyday, if only it weren't so fat and unhealthy. So, ironically, Maccas is my luxury once-or-twice-a-month food. Same goes to KFC, Oporto and basically all fast-foods.

  • When Does Summer End? #NotAFanOfTheHeat - 23/2/15

    I love winter and autumn. Spring is not bad, but summer is the worst. I MELT - mentally and physically - when it gets too hot and sweat more than the entire Australian population. #ElsaWhereAreYou


    Confession: I still haven't watched the series or read the books. I am part of wayyy too many fandoms as it is, you see. I don't know, maybe I'll jump on the bandwagon someday. 

  • Dear Rude Customers, - 21/2/15

    Do you realise that you're being rude? I am conscious of my being passive-aggressive right now, writing this, but are you conscious of your rudeness as a cranky and demanding customer? #ugh #people

  • Bruno Mars Uptown Funked Me Up - 20/2/15


    Uh-oh. This catchy Bruno Mars song is stuck in my head and I listen to it approx. 34,482,034,894,850 times a day. I even dance to it in the shower [WARNING: don't try this - slip & fall hazard].

  • Phoever - 19/2/15

    Drove to Cabramatta (Sydney's little Vietnam, basically) with my family to have authentic pho. SO GOOD. VIVE LE PHO!

  • Snog MARRY!!! Avoid: Keira Knightley - 18/2/15

    I'd marry her in a heartbeat. She's [funny, intelligent, down-to-earth, talented and oh-so beautiful](https://beta.quiet.ly/list/14037-8-reasons-to-love-keira-knightley). Too bad she's EXTREMELY TAKEN (married & pregnant)...not that I can have her if she weren't.

  • Thranduil & Legolas - 17/2/15

    Where do I sign up to be the wife of Thranduil and the mother of Legolas??? I NEED TO SMOTHER THEM WITH MY LOVE AND AFFECTION SO BAD!!!! 

  • You Know You're A Hobbit When... - 16/2/15

    You love food and the comfort of your own home. 

  • Congratulations, Benedict & Sophie! - 15/2/15

    They got married! On Valentines Day! Tom Hiddleston and Andrew Scott attended, because every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain (or two). Three, actually, if we count Khan. 

  • Happy Crimson Peak Day! - 14/2/15


    What Valentines Day? Here's the important news: the trailer for Crimson Peak, a gothic romance/horror film starring Tom Hiddleston, is out at last! And boy does it look delicious! The film, I mean. ;)

  • A Study In Distress - 13/2/15

    I REALLY want to study English Literature, Art Theory & History, European History, French and Fine Arts, but I already have a BA! And I'm looking for jobs! Arts & Humanities will be the death of me.

  • Cereal Killer - 12/2/15

    I'm a cereal killer. I devour them crunchy godsend flakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes I even get the urge to bathe myself in milk & cereal to absorb its power. Just kidding.

  • Dear Catcallers, - 11/2/15

    I did not put on this outfit to please you. I did it for myself; I like the way it looks on me. I never take your catcalls as compliments. They are frightening, intrusive, sexist and uninvited. 

  • Not Your Tinderella - 10/2/15

    'Heyy sexy'; 'hello sexy legs'; 'hi beautiful'; 'lookin' hot in ur specs': WOW. Girls on Tinder are basically treated as living, breathing, blow-up dolls with real breasts and vaginas. #NotSurprised

  • BAFTA/Grammy/Tom's 34th - 9/2/15

    Congrats to Eddie for his well-deserved Best Actor BAFTA; happy birthday to Tom, who has 3 new films coming out this year; hello to Alex who's looking fine at the Grammys. And hey, Benedict & James!

  • The Reichenbach Fall - 8/2/15

    Sherlock just jumped off a roof and I am not okay. This is not okay. John watching his best friend die is not okay. Nothing will ever be okay again. 

  • Into The Woods - 7/2/15

    What the hell was I thinking when I decided to see this Disney musical film?! I abhor films with shrill, unnecessary, infernal singing. This is even worse than those Disney princess animations. #UGH

  • Fangirl recovering from shock, doing ok - 6/2/15

    Tonight's leisure activity: fluffy Benedict Cumberbatch imagine. I'm writing a cute imagined scenario with Ben and you [the fangirl/reader] in it. I prefer 'fluff' (sweet) over 'SMUT' (sexual) fanfic.


    TOM YOU HOT BRITISH BASTARD YOU BROKE US ARE YOU HAPPY NOW ASFGHJKL I NO CAN PUNCTUATE NO MORE oh hello caps lock key FUN FACT the Tompocalypse has begun Crimson Peak/I Saw The Light/High Rise soon 



  • Lee Pace's Face Is Ace - 3/2/15

    I don't know how or when or why (actually, I do: Thranduil) but I fell head first, slowly then all at once, into a depthless pool of LEE PACE FEELS. He's an oversized puppy with bushy eyebrows. LOVE!

  • Indie-scoveries - 2/2/15

    Discovered two underground indie bands: The Growlers and The Stone Roses. The former is American, the latter British. Something just clicked when I heard their songs for the first time. 

  • The Theory of Everything - 1/2/15


    I am speechless. Eddie Redmayne deserves an Oscar for the painstaking physical, emotional and theatrical work he put into portraying Stephen Hawking as well as he did. What a talented & devoted actor.

  • Fab Feb - 31/1/15

    It's February tomorrow, which can only mean four things, if you're me: Harry Styles' birthday (1st), the Oscars (7th), Tom Hiddleston's Birthday (9th) and The Day That Must Not Be Named (14th). 

  • Tumblr's Holy Trinity - 30/1/15

    SUPERWHOLOCK: the Supernatural, Dr Who and Sherlock fandoms basically rule Tumblr. I know because I'm a crazy Sherlockian who also happens to understand Supernatural/Dr Who references due to exposure.

  • #Setlock - 29/1/15

    So many HQ pics of Sherlock actors currently filming this year's Xmas special episode! Love the Victorian garbs. They all look marvellous. Can't wait. 

  • Nathan Fillion Is Coming - 28/1/15

    He's coming to Sydney for Supernova, a geek convention, and I'm not gonna miss it! I already missed Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay & Lana Del Rey when they came!

  • Dreamworks' Home - 27/1/15


    A smart, cool, realistic and relatable black girl (voiced by Rihanna) bumps into Oh (Jim Parsons), a clumsy alien. Yes to black kids being represented onscreen instead of another white protagonist!

  • Waltzing Matilda - 26/1/15

    Happy Australia Day, mate! Proud to call Australia home. 

  • Big Hero 6 - 25/1/15


    A heart-warming story of brotherly love & friendship set in a futuristic Japamerican city. The hero is a Japanese boy, the girls are fiercely smart & bold and the robot is oh-so loveable: yes x 3!

  • Pushing Daisies - 24/1/15

    Lee Pace plays a pie maker who can resurrect the dead by touching them. They stay alive as long as he never touches them again. He brought his childhood sweetheart back to life and they are in love.

  • Hozier (yes oh god yes!!) - 23/1/15


    Can't believe I only discovered Hozier after watching The Graham Norton Show last night. SO GOOD. Another true artist! I don't understand people who enjoy meaningless pop songs about boobs & butts. 

  • #ThrowbackThursday - 22/1/15

    That one time I pretended to be a damsel in distress to get to second base with Archie. 

  • Coldplay - 21/1/15

    So calming. Thank you.

  • Talk Nerdy To Me - 20/1/15

    Nerd girl looking for male suitor aged 23+. Must be geeky. Must own superhero shirts and shorts, MARVEL Blu-Rays, LOTR/Hobbit deluxe 6-disc sets, figurines, etc. Must like tumblr and be antisocial.

  • Anglophilia - 19/1/15


  • African Food FTW - 18/1/15

    Tried African cuisine for the first time last night; it was incredibly delicious. Spicy, thoroughly seasoned and very flavoursome. The lamb was so tender it melted in your mouth. You should try it!

  • Do This! Do That! - 17/1/15

    Don't Be A Rubbish Person! Get toned abs! Get a promotion! Impress your boss! Improve your moves in bed! Cut out sugar! No carbs! Run a marathon! Buy an island! Build a planet! Run the galaxy! NOW!!!

  • Dick Poop - 16/1/15


    EPIC misreading FAIL at the Oscar Nominations ceremony, by the president, no less. Naturally, Dick Poop is trending on Twitter. #WeAreAll8YearOldsArentWe 

  • Benedict & Eddie On Golden Globes+Ellen - 15/1/15

    Read: Tall, Fair, Handsome, Well-Educated, Intelligent, Talented Yet Humble, Dorky And Adorable English Gentlemen With Sharp Cheekbones And Wit On Shows Hosted By Powerhouses Tina, Amy & Ellen

  • Thank You, ABC! - 14/1/15

    ABC is playing Sherlock on Sunday nights. The series has also been uploaded onto the network's website/app. I have the DVDs, of course, but there's something special about it been out there like that.

  • Oh Deer. - 13/1/15

    'Why have Legolas outside your house, shooting (safe, unsharpened) arrows into your room with love notes attached to them when you can have Thranduil storming into your room on a colossal elk?' - Me  

  • Betty Hearts Bard, Sorry Not Sorry - 12/1/15

    In the words of tumblr user barduilisms (obviously a Bard/Thranduil lover), 'i would defend bard of laketown faster and with more passion and righteous anger than i would defend my own family'.  

  • O Thranduil, Thranduil! - 11/1/15

    Wherefore art thou fictional?! Such stage presence! Such grandeur, poise and elegance! Stunning and terrifying in equal measure! The princeling is no match for this majestic elven king. Sorry Legolas.

  • In Other News...I Watched The Hobbit - 10/1/15

    How much money did they spend on all those terrifyingly realistic 3D effects? I involuntarily flinched a few times because a BLOODY ARROW was flying into my face! 

  • BREAKING NEWS: Cumberbaby On The Way!! - 9/1/15


  • Vintage Arcade Games - 8/1/15

    Not a gamer but I do adore the pixelated graphics and funky colour palette. 

  • Penguins of Madagascar - 7/1/15


    A fun-filled ride from start to finish, starring the brave and adventurous penguins from Madagascar. Royalty, friendship and courage takes the adorable forms of Skipper, Rico, Private & Kowalski!   

  • The Imitation Game - 6/1/15


    Underscores the injustice of homophobia and sexism through Alan Turing and Joan Clarke, brought to life by Cumberbatch & Knightley's compelling performances. A masterpiece and absolute must-watch. 

  • The Internet - 5/1/15

    A contradictory tool that brings humans together, crossing boundaries of time and space, yet also isolates humans sitting right in front of each other at a dinner table. Have we all become URLs?

  • Magical Mystery Tour - 4/1/15

    The Beatles at their psychedelic best. Standout tracks include [Penny Lane](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd-oLhJQne0), [I am The Walrus](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42luHhrsNhg), [Strawberry Fields Forever](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nehRB1FTeTo) and, of course, [All You Need Is Love](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLEtGRUrtJo). (Love, love love...)

  • Melanie Martinez - 3/1/15

    BREAKING NEWS: I've discovered another female artist whose musical and visual style pays homage to the 50s & 60s. Old is new again! Here's her [Carousel](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAB5AC9yhY0) MV.

  • Marina and the Diamonds - 2/1/15

    Fell in love with her new singles [Immortal](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYGKxxTXqSs), [Happy](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCB_MbYyCYQ) and [Froot](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZzcY7ASQno). Can't stop listening to them! Totally my cup of (sad, bittersweet) tea, served in a retro cup. 

  • Hot Hot Hot Hot - 1/1/15

    The first day of the new year is incredibly hot, but no where near as hot as the British actors I love.  

  • Happy New Yeah! - 31/12/14

    It's 2015 here in Australia but my fellow tumblr netizens (read: fangirls) are stuck in 2014. #Sucks #FirstWorldProblem  

  • The 90s - 30/12/14

    I kinda missed the 90s. I mean, I was there, obviously, but not really (was too young to scrutinise social and cultural trends; spent the decade drawing and pretending to be Sailor Moon). 

  • Midnight's Children - 29/12/14

    New read: Rushdie's award-winning novel. Post-colonialist? Post-mordernist? Post-Structurualist? All of the above? I've yet to decide. 

  • Chasing After A New Skirt - 28/12/14

    Bought a new white lacy skirt at Sportsgirl. Had to go to the CBD because it wasn't available in my size at my local store. Was on sale so got it for $25 instead of $60. #YASSS #Winning  

  • Day Out In Paddington - 27/12/14

    Sydney's artsy gay suburb. Home to three spectacular bookshops, two of which are also cafes. I love this town and the people who frequent it.  

  • Boxing Day Madness - 26/12/14

    Every shop online and on the streets is on sale right now but I'm not planning to buy anything, because carbon copies of Tom Hiddleston have yet to hit the shelves.  

  • Marvel Xmas! - 25/12/14

    Greetings from your friendly neighbourhood geek. 

  • Old Christmas Songs - 24/12/14

    Guilty pleasure: getting drunk on 50s Christmas songs sang by middle-aged men. Why am I not surprised? I blame their rich, deep, seductive, velvety voices. Damn them all!!  

  • Feeling 23 - 23/12/14

    I was doing laundry when it hit me: I am 23. Not exactly old, but not young either. What was Tina Fey doing at 23? What about Hillary Clinton, Oprah, J. K. Rowling and other Accomplished Women?  

  • 'I Can Fly' - 22/12/14


    My new favourite Lana Del Rey song, in addition to ['Big Eyes'](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqoL5FA3Nzk&index=5&list=LLfcKcU9-fly-QM4mCOfxD5w) & ['Is This Happiness'](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJZdoPrixXE). I love her music, her lyrics and her intoxicating soundscape. We - Lana and her fans - share the same soul. 

  • 'So we beat on, boats against the...' - 21/12/14

    I was born on the 21st of December in 1991. My favourite writer (the love of my life) F. Scott Fitzgerald died on the same day in 1940. Oh what I'd give for a moonlit kiss on a summer's night! 

  • Betty Crocker - 20/12/14

    Gonna bake triple choc and apple & cinnamon muffins for my besties and give it to them tomorrow. I'll put them inside clear plastic gift bags and tie them up with red/green checked ribbons. 

  • Shamy (Sheldon & Amy) - 19/12/14

    I think their relationship will turn out to be the most stable and long-term one. More importantly (haha), when will Amy's thirst be quenched? #ComeOnSheldon 

  • A Day Out With The Bestie - 18/12/14

    It's nice to catch up with an old friend once in a while, regardless of how antisocial I usually am. This brings to mind Sherlock's 'I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.' Oh, Sherlock.

  • Paddington - 17/12/14

    A heart-warming movie about love, friendship, family, kindness, acceptance and belonging. 10 out of 10!  

  • R.I.P - 16/12/14

    My thoughts are with the hostages who lost their lives in Martin Place, as well as their families and friends and everyone who was affected.  

  • A Fangirl's Dreams, AKA Too Much Info - 15/12/14

    I dreamt about Harry Styles last night, and it wasn't the first time. I also dreamt about Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch, in two separate dreams, a few days back. Tip: tumblr before bed.

  • Technicolour - 14/12/14

    Vintage Disney cartoons are so charming! I like them better than the super clear, super HQ, super HD ones today. It's the combination of muffled audio, muted colours & olden day typography I guess.

  • Only 7 More Days Of #Feeling22 Left - 13/12/14

    I better hurry up and listen to [T-Swizzle's hit single '22'](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgFeZr5ptV8) before I turn 23 next Sunday! [Lily Allen's '22'](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWjNFC-FinU), though somewhat depressing, is a great song too.  

  • Keira Is Going To Be A Mum! - 12/12/14

    Oh how delightful it is! The baby will be beautiful. I hope it's a girl, and if so I hope she'll date Orlando Bloom's son Flynn someday so it'll be like Elizabeth and Will Turner. Fingers crossed!

  • Downloading This Was A Bad Idea - 11/12/14

    How am I supposed to get anything done now? I blame Chris Pratt for everything. 

  • It's Definitely The Former - 10/12/14

    Maybe he's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline.

  • Bibliophiles Anonymous - 9/12/14

    A book club meeting, basically. 

  • Feigning Nonchalance - 8/12/14

    That is, when you walk past Channel 9 reporters, their video cam setup and news production truck and pretend it isn't the biggest deal ever, just to avoid looking like the peasant you actually are. 

  • Why Do Men Have Nipples?! - 7/12/14

    *Mr Weasley voice* What exactly is the function of a male nipple?   

  • Map Of An Introvert's Brain - 6/12/14

    Amazingly accurate. 

  • Map Of An Introvert's Heart - 5/12/14

    How very true! 

  • C Is For Cara - 4/12/14

    Cara has that supermodel look and vibe. She's born to wear Chanel and Burberry and whatnot and SLAY on the runway. Also: eyebrows.

  • Wait For The Xmas Sale - 3/12/14

    And SAVE! Got myself a deluxe 6-disc LOTR trilogy DVD set for $23. My preciousssssss...

  • 'Hemmingway' - 2/12/14

    Awkward moment when you read someone's post on your tumblr dashboard and it says they've won a 'Hemmingway'-style writing competition. Oh, the irony! 

  • PSA - 1/12/14

    Hop on the 8am train to enjoy the scent of Eau de Oily, Sweaty Human Bodies, featuring top notes of Unwashed Clothes and Coffee Breath. Hurry while stinky socks last! 

  • English Weather - 30/11/14

    Better put on a Beatles record and make myself a cup of tea while it lasts. Love the sound of rain! 

  • Feeling Real Deep Right Now - 29/11/14

    Our favourite works of prose and poetry are mirror reflections of our souls; our innermost desires, fears, hopes, dreams and fantasies. 

  • !!!!!200bpm!!!!!!! - 28/11/14

    Do not drink coffee after 5pm. DO NOT DRINK COFFEE AFTER 5PM. You will panic. And die.