10 Totally Epic Things That Happened In 2014

By Betty Zhang

Prepare to be wowed. 

  • Ellen Hosted The Best Oscars Ever

    She served vodka on the red carpet, ordered pizza and broke Obama's record for most retweeted tweet with this star-studded selfie. Needless to say, it started this year's celeb group selfie trend. 

  • Russia Trolled Us At The Olympics Closing Ceremony

    SO GOOD. 

  • Prince George Conquered The World

    With his adorableness. And his range of highly amusing facial expressions. 

  • Chris & Gwyneth Consciously Uncoupled

    Then Mr. Martin got together with the gal everyone loves to love (because she talks about 'armpit vaginas' and likes pizza), J-Law.

  • Angelina Jolie Was The Maleficent To End All

    Maleficents. She was the Maleficentest Maleficent who ever Maleficented. You know what I mean. Outstanding performance!

  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Had Us All Hooked

    On a feeling. And high on believing. And in love with Chris Pratt in general.  

  • Kim K Broke The Internet

    Well, sort of. I mean, have you seen what those buns can do?! They can function as a BAR TABLE. If 2014 is The Year Of The Booty (and it totally is), she definitely won #BootyOfTheYear. 

  • Ariana Grande Made The Most Meme-able Face Ever

    At the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. And it's hilarious. 

  • Beyonce & Jay-Z Met Kate & Wills

    American royalty and British royalty in the same place, at the same time, equally starstruck by one another. Magical, innit? 

  • Benedict Cumberbatch Is Everywhere

    Photobombing U2, on the cover of Time, on the big screen in practically every major movie, on the small screen as Sherlock, on your tumblr dash in his purple shirt of sex, hiding under your bed, etc.