5 Cutest TV Show Couples

By Betty Zhang

Who's your favourite on-air couple? They might be here! 

  • Jiggie: Jimmy & Maggie (American Horror Story)

    They make each other a better, more wholesome person. If only they could runaway together safely and start a new life elsewhere. 

  • Jisbon: Jane & Lisbon (The Mentalist)

    They're officially together! After all those seasons! Adorable.

  • Handy: Hayley & Andy (Modern Family)

    They haven't DTRed and aren't a couple yet but Handy seems very likely to happen! Awkward (but cute) moment when the 'bad girl' gets together with a goofy good boy who's just like daddy Dunphy.

  • Caskett: Castle & Beckett (Castle)

    They finally got married! Marriage is never easy but after what Caskett has been though you can bet their's will last till the end. Till death do they part! 

  • Shamy: Sheldon & Amy (The Big Bang Theory)

    They're getting closer by the episode, despite Sheldon's reluctance towards physical intimacy. Love really does conquer all.