Proof That Eddie Redmayne Is A Puppy

By Betty Zhang

You know this is true. 

  • Picturesque: Two Puppies Under A Tree

    This is what (fangirl) dreams are made of.

  • Academy Award-winning Puppy

    Who's a good boy :3

  • There Are So Many Things Happening

    He's smiling. He's in a pea coat type thing (unsure of exact name; I'm no Miranda Presley). He's riding a bike. In a park. And it's beautiful. Oh and there's A PUPPY IN A BASKET asfghjkl

  • Puppy Is Having A Profound Moment

    Do not disturb. 

  • Self-Grooming Puppy

    Work it baby.

  • Interspecies Interaction

    Dog playing with human and bear. 

  • WHAT. IS. THIS?!


  • Ginormous Dalmatian Plus Wee Lad

    Petite, classy and debonaire as usual. The boy I mean.

  • Just-washed Puppy

    Post-bath time pup, all fresh and fluffy! It's so fluffy I'm gonna dieeee!!!

  • [urge to photoshop own face onto hers intensifies]

    And it has to be an intentionally crappy photoshop, to be funny. Good times.

  • Pure British Breed

    I'm not crying I just have Eddie Redmayne in my eyes and I don't know anything anymore.

  • What Do You Mean There's A Boy In This Picture?

    It's a big puppy cradling a small puppy, duh.

  • 101 Dalmatians + 1 British Puppy Boy

    It's the sequel you've been waiting for. 

  • Beware Of Angry Pup

    You heard him. 

  • BONUS 1: Puppy On The Tube

    *Sleep-deprived puppy on the tube - the poor thing looks all worn out! :'(

  • BONUS 2: Marius Pontmercy's Friends Are All Dead

    Empty chairs at empty tables.