9 Totally Unnecessary Japanese Inventions

By Betty Zhang

Unnecessary, but quirky and wonderful nonetheless.

  • Tailly

    Mood indicator, bottom decorator.

  • Chopstick Noodle Cooling Fan

    For all the cool ramen fans around the world.

  • Wearable Toilet Paper Dispenser

    Lady Gaga probably wears one when she has a cold.

  • Upside Down Umbrella Rainwater Catcher

    A must-have for all Brits.

  • Air-conditioned Shoes

    Cool shoes, dude!

  • Eye Drop Funnel Glasses

    Eye can see the point of this.

  • Baby Mop

    The more babies you have, the cleaner your floor will be.

  • Cat Mop!

    An exclamation mark is needed because cats rule (the internet). Fact: cat ladies may be lonely, but they have exceptionally clean floors, thanks to their meowps.

  • Lipstick Assistant

    Ensures precision when applying lipstick.