15 Seriously Annoying Smartphone Problems

By Betty Zhang

The not-so-smart problems associated with our daily companions.

  • Dying Battery

    Your life depends on your phone's battery life, but the latter is always short-lived and dying.

  • Short Phone Charger

    Smartphones are called smartphones and not mobile phones because they are not always that mobile.

  • Crashing Apps


  • Running out of Storage Space

    Imagine being at a One Direction concert and recording as the boys' mobile stage travel over your head. Just as they get closer, you run out of storage space. I don't have to imagine it. I lived it.

  • Losing Your Phone

    Sometimes you have to depend on the kindness of strangers to return your phone.

  • Dropping it and Smashing the Screen

    I am so sorry about your phone, you must be shattered.

  • Covering Up

    Your new phone looks great without a cover, but you just can't risk scratching it.

  • Android VS Apple

    World War III will be fought over and with smartphones; many, many battery lives will be lost as users charge into battle.

  • Life-ruining Games

    Remember Flappy Bird? Yeah.

  • Ignoring Friends at Dinner

    Catching up over dinner - that is, chatting while eating with your friends - has more or less been redefined as checking your phones while sitting together.

  • Searching for Free Wifi Outside

    May the signal be with you.

  • Overheating

    This is probably your smartphone's way of telling you to give them some space because you are too clingy.

  • Reaching for your Smartphone, again

    With a smartphone next to us all the time, it is getting harder to concentrate on activities like studying, reading and even driving.

  • Taking and Sharing Selfies

    There's no harm in taking a couple of selfies and sharing it online, but how much is too much?

  • Video Recording at Concerts

    Instead of enjoying the moment and the artist(s) performing in front of our eyes, we are recording it for future enjoyment or to upload it online. Every concert is a sea of smartphones nowadays.