Tom Hiddleston's YouTube Moments

By Betty Zhang

The dashing life-ruiner at his finest, for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.

  • Dancing on Chatty Man

    Tom pulls out his signature moves while looking sleek & sexy in a suit. He looks so adorably smug when he's showing off! #MovesLikeHiddles #HipsDon'tLie [](

  • Taking Over Comic Con As Loki

    'Say my name.' 'Loki!!!' 'Say my name!!' 'LOKI!!!' 'SAY!!! MY!!! NAME!!!' 'LOOOOKIIIIII!!!!!!!' *hysterical female screaming* []( 

  • Dancing & Pillow Fighting On SlumberParty (MTV)

    Hiddles, 'snake hips', Thor shirt, pillow fight, bed. Tom at his adorkablest (this isn't a word and I don't care) and fangirl cruelty at its worst. #Help [](

  • Singing MJ's 'Man In The Mirror' on Korean TV

    The King of Mass Ovary-Destruction sings The King of Pop's hit song. On live television. In Korea. Hot. [](

  • Teaching The Cookie Monster...

    ...a lesson in delayed gratification. A delicious episode of a children's show thoroughly enjoyed by grown women. Taste it here: [](