5 Reasons Why SEO Matters

By Emily E. Steck

People have been proclaiming the death of SEO for years, but it's still alive and kicking your website to the top of the page results. Here's why it still matters.

  • Increased Traffic = Increased Money

    SEO is designed to push your content to the top of search engines for eager consumers. Good SEO can push it to the top, directing more website traffic your way which in turn creates more money.

  • Brand Awareness

    [94% of people](http://http//www.gravitateonline.com/google-search/2nd-place-1st-place-loser-seriously) do not click beyond the first page of Google search results. Good SEO will have your site and all social channels in the same place at the top of the page. It's great exposure.

  • Credibility

    Being a few pages in to a Google search results screams untrustworthy. At the front of the page and at the top, customers and consumers are more likely to think positive things about the brand. 

  • Quality Audience

    SEO targets the traffic from the audience you want because your business only shows up when people search for it. By using SEO correctly, your content/product/business can be found at no cost to you.

  • Everyone Else Is Doing It... Including Competitors

    The digital marketplace gets bigger every day, and nearly every business is using SEO tactics to get that necessary exposure. Jump off the bridge with them.