Making the Most Out of Your Facebook Ads

By Quietly

Does the Facebook ad power editor seem intimidating? Don't worry, we thought so too. We've identified some best practices to make it easier for you to create ads. Read the [full guide here.](

  • Opt for the Power Editor

    The basic editor may seem appealing since it's easy to use, but you'd be missing out on a ton of features. If you're serious about creating successful ads, use the power editor.

  • Relevance - Use Audience Insights

    The more targeted an ad is, the more responsive the audience will be. If you have a large enough fan base, use Facebook Audience insights to get a comprehensive look at who likes your page.

  • Variety is the Spice of Life

    Ad campaigns can be broken into ad sets and ads. This distinction allows for flexible options when breaking down your audience by demographics. Be sure to know your audience and target accordingly!

  • Don't put all Your eggs in one Basket

    It's easy to just call it a day after creating one ad, but the real value of Facebook ads is in experimentation. Target different audiences, use different images or messaging to see what really works.

  • Tag URLs to Track Perfomance in Google Analytics

    Google Analytics may show traffic from Facebook referrals, but it can't tell you which ads are directing the most traffic to your site. Use Facebook's Google Analytics URL builder to keep track.

  • Replicate Success and Save What Works

    The power editor allows you to save your audience from an existing ad set. That means that you only need to find what works once, save the set, and reuse it from there.

  • Don't Work in a Vacuum

    Remember to pull your head out of the Facebook ad system every once in a while. Include data from other analytics software, sales information or customer feedback into your decision-making process.