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By Hayo Magazine

"Bali is home to a large group of females that are collectively creative and entrepreneurial. On any given day, I'll be collaborating with swimwear designers, fashionistas, photographers, stylists and creative directors. When I came home the first time after being in Bali for five months, I yearned to find a similar group of females that were creating badass products and brands. This is just a handful of companies and their founders that inspire."- Izabela Domachowski

  • Iza Jewelry

    Iza Jewelry. 307 likes · 16 talking about this. Brand new label for the classy tomboys. Iza Jewelry's debut collection 'Before the Dawn' available online...

  • Woodlot Candles & Bath

    When I'm in Vancouver, I work from home. It's important to me that my home office is an oasis for inspiration and creativity. Not only are [Woodlot's candles]( all natural, but they instantly fill my house with a calming aroma that lets me work with a clear mind.

  • Eastwood Cycle

    Founded by Jillian Sheridan, [Eastwood Cycle]( is a beautifully designed sanctuary for creatives, entrepreneurs & workaholics.

  • Beth Richards Swimwear

    [Beth Richards]( has been a massive inspiration for me when I first started coming up with concepts for Iza Jewelry. Her clean, bold lines and edgy photography was something I knew I had to aspire to match.

  • Vitruvi

  • Vonbon - Organic baby goods

    I'm at an age where all my friends are getting married and having babies. Needless to say, I go to a lot of baby showers. Founded in Vancouver and run by two sisters, [VonBon]( is is always my first choice when it comes to buying baby gifts.

  • Party Skirts

    Founded by sisters Lauren and Mariel Armstrong, this is a Vancouver brand that I admire for so many reasons. Since their launch, they have taken the fashion world by storm, not only in Vancouver.