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Quietly connects excellent writers with publishers and brands.

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When we have a new writing project, we search our database for the perfect candidate.

  • 1 Tell us about yourself

    Fill out your profile on Quietly so we get a sense of your interests and expertise.

  • 2 Show off your work

    Add writing samples (online articles, blog posts, etc.) and showcase your writing chops.

  • 3 Get matched

    When a writing opportunity arises that matches your skillset, we will get in touch.

  • 4 Receive a brief

    Your brief will detail content requirements and include information about the brand’s voice and style guidelines.

  • 5 Get feedback

    Collaborate with our editors to craft engaging stories and receive guidance along the way.

  • 6 Invoice us and get paid

    As soon as your work is ready to publish, invoice us. We’ll process your payment within 30 days.

Writers Testimonials

“My experience with the editorial team has been phenomenal. My editorial manager has been there to guide me every step of the way and has always given me good feedback.”
Olivia Lam
“I found the editorial feedback very helpful, and the support from staff is always exceptional.”
Betty Zhang
“My editor is awesome and great to work with. Each of the staff I've encountered have also made the experience very pleasant. I am happy to work with Quietly.”
Dallin Porter
“My first project was a good writing experience for me and I would be open to more potential projects.”
Leah Gonzalez Angue
“The writing is fun but more important to me is that you pay on time and that your editorial staff has so far been such a pleasure to work with.”
Heidi Turner

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Writers FAQ

Writing and Research

  • How long would you expect a typical piece of writing to take?

    This depends on a few things:

    • your knowledge of the subject
    • your ability to research
    • your speed as a writer
    • your grasp of Quietly’s tools

    With a firm grasp on the above, our writers generally find the process of writing 300–500 word articles manageable and efficient.

  • What are the hours of commitment required?

    Most of our opportunities can be done in concert with another job. The number of stories needed for a particular client will determine the number of hours required. Because of this, if we think we have a good match for you, we’ll ask you your availability to ensure you’re comfortable with the hours required. Most clients have a minimum of 8 stories per month.

  • How much research is needed?

    This depends on your expertise in the area, and varies among assignments. As with all writing, research and sources are needed to ensure content is factual and correct. Without a good grasp of the topic or research, the content will not likely satisfy our requirements.


  • What volume of work can I expect?

    Contracts vary in length and number of articles. Depending on your bandwidth, schedule, etc., we’ll determine what client will be the best fit for you to match the workload you’re able to take on. This can range from 8 to 40 stories per month. We occasionally have one-off opportunities as well.

  • Is there work involved beyond the actual research and writing?

    Besides researching and writing, you may be responsible for:

    • creating content within Quietly’s tools, which requires photos, links, etc.
    • adding photos throughout content (no need for layout, but proper photo crediting required)

    Promotion will never be a requirement.

Writer/Client Matching

Content Requirements

  • Does the writer have to supply photos for every submission?

    Yes, all of our writing assignments require licence-free photos, whether done in Quietly’s tools or written as a long-form traditional article. On Quietly, you'll notice how easy it is to use rights-free images. There is a feature that lets you browse images at the click of a button and insert one at no cost.